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Thank you for choosing SoleStone Reimbursement Services. Your best option for ambulance billing and consulting services. We have been in business since 1998 providing top quality, compliant ambulance billing. We blend EMS field experience with knowledgeable billing staff to give our customers excellent reimbursement services and training.

SoleStone Reimbursement Services would like to THANK all Healthcare Providers for their hard work and dedication during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Your work efforts are invaluable.

Our Services

Ambulance Billing



While providing both HIPAA and CMS Compliant billing services, we give our clients everything we can to collect their money. Our services include the following:
  • Ambulance & Fire service billing
  • Caring & compassionate customer service
  • Electronic ePCR import
  • Pre-billing Medicaid eligibility checks
  • Compliant coding and billing
  • Real-time insurance verification
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Full patient accounting
  • Patient invoicing
  • Payment plans
  • Daily deposit reports
  • Detailed monthly financial reports
SoleStone additionally provides training in documentation, compliance, HIPAA, and EMS, along with CMS enrollment assistance and EMS consulting.

Knowing and understanding the regulations when billing Medicare, Medicaid and other government base payors is an absolute necessity. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provide the necessary guidance for compliant billing. We cannot overstate the value of the compliance training we continually do with PWW Media and the AAA. Essentials of our compliance activities include ensuring the following:

  • Up-to-date State Service Licenses
  • Up-to-date staff license and certifications
  • Crew signatures and credentials on patient care reports
  • Staff queries with OIG exclusion list
  • Strong, truthful, and accurate documentation
  • Patient signatures on the Assignment of Benefits
  • Compliance & HIPAA training
  • Legible signatures and credentials on PCS or Certificate of Medical Necessity
  • Submitting only claims that meet Medicare Program requirements


We offer our services on either a percentage of collections per month or a monthly per billable claim flat fee. The choice is our customers.


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Who We Are

SoleStone Reimbursement Services specializes in Ambulance and Fire billing, and we offer our customers all aspects of a complete EMS billing service. Our customers can rely on us to maintain a steady stream of revenue, compliant billing, and strict patient privacy.

We tailor our billing services to work with your EMS service and ensure that our billing is compliant with all regulatory guidelines.

Our training with Page, Wolfberg and Wirth EMS Law and the American Ambulance Association gives our staff the necessary knowledge and understanding of CMS regulations for the most up to date and compliant billing services available.

Our staff includes a Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer, Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer, and Certified Ambulance Coders.

We are a member of the Montana Ambulance Association.

Meet The Team

Dave Kuhn

Company President 1998-Present

MS Health Services Administration BS Business Administration Administrator/CEO East Texas Medical Center 1997-1998 American Ambulance Associations National Ethics Committee

Kim Ryan-Dufner

Scrubs, Uniforms, and EMS Supplies

John Ungaretti

General Manager | Critical Care Paramedic

John became the Manager of Healthcare Billing, Inc. in the spring of 1998. He was the Operations Manager of Missoula Emergency Services, Inc. prior to moving to the billing service. John began his EMS career with Arrow Ambulance in 1993. He has been working in healthcare since 1986. John is a Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer, Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer, and a Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist.

Michelle Nelson

Office Manager

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